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Hi yogamates. I finally got our yoga donation all done! We combined our yoga funds with the bottle collection funds (Roger and Yvonne Hiemstra) and made a donation of $400 to the SAU 1919Lt. Florence Graham rescue boat, which is in our own MVM! Patrick Armstrong, the HASAR person in charge of the Florence Graham rescue boat, has suggested a photo opportunity at the boat this Saturday, December 9th If you are around on Saturday, we are meeting at 1:30 at the Florence Graham rescue boat for a quick photo. Please don‘t go out of your way if you aren’t in town, but if it is easy for you to be there, I’d love you in the photo. Patrick wants to put the photo on his social media and Fred will send out a special communication to the whole yacht club. Hope to see you Saturday!

Merry Christmas!

Ed & Judy
Ed & Judy
Ed & Judy
Dec 07, 2023

How perfect is that!

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