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Hi yoga mates! as we wind down for the fall, getting our boats all ready to be tucked in on land, I want to thank you all for your support and participation in our summer Community Yoga. Special thanks to Brenda for allowing us to practice in her beautiful back yard. This year, we raised $250, which is amazing, considering we had less Saturdays this year than last.

I have found more information about the rescue boat, SAU1919 Lt. Florence Graham and will make our contribution to this not-for-profit organization. This boat is part of Huron and Area Search & Rescue (HASAR), which is a Coast Guard auxiliary organization, but all volunteer. The boat was named after a nurse from Goderich who lost her life overseas in WW1. Many of our fellow boaters are volunteers for this group, including Jim Peever, who is the Marine Commander. Here is the website if you want to learn more So close to home and a real service to our whole boating community!

May you have easy haul outs and restful fall/winter activities. See you in the Spring!

Scott & Susan MacPhee


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