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GYC Fun Social Racing

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For anyone that did not see the email. (Please forward me your email to Be added).

Hello GYC race fleet.

This Saturday, 12:30pm we will have our first race. Think of it like a soft opening for a restaurant. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to test out the process, and for many to participate in their first race. So don't stress out, relax, and think of this as training rather than a competition.

What is exciting is that you would be participating in the first race in some 20 years at GYC.

We will be gathering at 11:00 for a race meeting, in the club house, where we can address any concerns, and go through details of the event.

After the race, we will also be taking a vote on a preferred race day. Traditionally clubs race on Sundays, around 12:30, which would pair nicely after our Yacht club coffee, but we should also consider Saturdays, as it is also a great option.

I will send out another email with more details of the race closer to Saturday.

Please forward me any emails of boat owners or crew that would like to be added to this list, I am missing -Dalwhinnie Hunter 31, -Super Tramp, -Friday's Child C&C 29.

Please see image attached of the "race course A." it is very simple, it is 2 laps. The upwind mark is 1 nautical Mile from the starting line. You Cross the start line, first leg is the up wind leg, you round the Up wind mark on your boats port side. Then you head down wind towards the start/finish line. The Mark across from the Commitee boat is also the Downwind mark. You round the downwind mark also on your boats port side, then head up to the Up wind mark. Again round on your Port side, then you head downwind towards the start/finish line.

We are looking for Volunteers from the yacht club to be the Committee boat. This could be any vessel, or person, sailboat that doesn't want to race, or Powerboat that wants to get involved. This only requires that you anchor across from the DW mark, and record anyone who crosses the line before the start of the race, and record the times of the boats when they cross the finish line. I will have a spread sheet ready to record times on, and instructions. Failing to find a volunteer, I will be the committee boat for this first race.

We ask everyone to please watch this 4 minute video, which explains the basic rules of racing. Watch it, pause it, ask yourself questions, rewatch it etc. This will answer most questions and set you up for success. We will only be asking boats to complete 1 full turn if you foul a boat.

Racing Rules of Sailing (10 Basic Rules)

Learn the racing rules of sailing in 4 minutes. In this video I cover the 10 basic rules so anyone can go out and enjoy racing without having to be a rules ...

Other quick points-

-coms will be on channel 72. This will include a 5 second countdown to the 5 and 1 minute mark from the start. Or to notify boats that are OCS ( On Course side) of line, prior to starting. Which means the boat crossed the line early and need to return to the starting line.

-don't stress out about your PHRF rating, we will be recording times, and can adjust ratings at a later time. We will be working on getting everyone fairly accurate PHRF ratings, and encourage anyone who wants an accurate PRFH rating to register for their PHRF with lake Huron.

Please Remember that this will only be a successful event, if everyone has fun, everyone is safe, all boats are safe, and all who participated cannot wait to race again.

Hold Fast,

Lucas Garcia

Unknown member
Jul 14, 2022

Looks good, Lucas! Are you thinking to have everyone start at the same time, or staggered start times based on rating? The advantage of a mass start is that it brings in tactics for positioning at the start. But it increases the risk for collision. A staggered start reduces starting tactics to not crossing the line too early, but in principle it allows for all of the boats to cross the finish line at the same time. I will likely come out Friday night - can lend a hand setting the marks early Sat morning if you need it.



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